What is your photographic style?2019-05-31T15:25:56+01:00

Almost every couple will want the traditional set of posed families with the Bride and Groom and we will provide you with these. As well as this we will take a large number of reportage-style, casual and artistic shots, starting with the bridal preparations and pictures of all the important details (flowers and table arrangements, brides and bridesmaids dresses, shoes, make up, rings, blessings, cake decorations, basically all the things you spent hours and months planning) and anything else you ask for.

How can we get the best possible wedding photography?2019-05-31T15:28:56+01:00

Apart from booking us to shoot your wedding the next most important factor in getting the absolute most out of your wedding photography is time. Please allow enough time, when organising your day, to allow your photographers to shoot your photos to the best of our ability. We always visit your wedding venue in advance of your big day, if we have not been there before, and will have a host of ideas and locations planned for shots inside and outside. We don’t want to take you away from your guests for prolonged periods but wish for you to live the experience and enjoy the day too. We usually try to do several mini shoots between the ceremony and the wedding breakfast with different groups (bride and groom, bride and bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen) and you’ll probably want the essential group shots too so you need to allow adequate time.

If you are getting married in a church remember that your Vicar, Minister or Priest has total control over where your photographers can stand and they could spoil your expectations. We urge you to talk to them at your rehearsal about the photography. You will see from our portfolio we like to position one photographer behind the celebrant and to one side so that we are facing the couple. Explain you have hired 2 professional photographers who won’t use flash and won’t move around, and state where YOU would really like them to be positioned for YOUR special day. We will talk to you about this in more detail if you wish.

Are you the actual day-of photographer?2019-05-08T18:10:14+01:00

Yes. You will meet one or both of us at your pre wedding consultation.

Do you shoot in black and white?2019-05-08T18:10:43+01:00

We shoot with high-resolution Nikon digital S.L.R cameras. This is always in colour as it is relatively simple to convert RAW digital files to black and white or Sepia or any other format you might want in post production.

Will you have other weddings that weekend? How will that affect our wedding?2019-05-08T18:11:09+01:00

We will only ever do one wedding per day and with two photographers operating the load is lightened somewhat so that we are easily capable of handling weddings on two consecutive days.

Can we get negatives or digital negatives? How long after the wedding date? Are they full resolution files?2019-05-31T15:32:07+01:00

You will receive all the high resolution digital photos on USB within eight weeks of your wedding. With these files you can make your own prints (up to poster sized) and albums at your leisure. We provide an album with each collection so that you have at least some of your photographs in print.

Can we upload our wedding photos to Social Media?2019-05-31T15:32:32+01:00

You will receive a duplicate set of your wedding photographs re-sized and upload-ready for fast posting on Facebook or any other social networking websites. These re-sized photos are equally suitable for emailing to other friends and family.

What kind of equipment do you use? Are there tripods, wires? Can people trip?2019-05-31T15:34:45+01:00

Professional photographers will use tripods and maybe some extra lighting, but this will be done with care and consideration and as unobtrusively as possible. Our high resolution, digital, Nikon SLR cameras ensure the highest quality for your pictures.

What happens if the weather is so bad that we can’t take any outdoor photos?2019-05-31T15:36:53+01:00

Just about the only thing that will prevent outdoor wedding photography is continuous rain. Amongst the equipment we will have with us, is additional lighting. This can be set up quickly in a suitable indoor space and will provide adequate lighting in the poorest of situations for us to take your group and other photos. We will also bring umbrellas for our couple so we can perhaps get outside under cover for a quick shot or two.

Are you insured?2019-05-08T18:13:31+01:00

We carry full public liability insurance.

What do you do in case of emergencies? What if the photographer is ill or cannot make it? Do you have backup equipment? Do you backup photos (for digital photography)?2019-05-31T15:39:29+01:00

We are two photographers and always travel well in advance of the required start time. If one or both of us is ill or unable to attend for whatever reason we will arrange, where possible, for one of our partner associates to step in at our expense. We carry back up; cameras, flash guns, battery packs, lenses and memory cards. Your pictures are backed up in 2 formats on several individual memory cards, on separate computers and hard drives so that in the event of a hard drive or card corrupting, your photos are safe.

Can I see an entire wedding?2019-05-08T18:14:32+01:00

We can show you sample wedding photographs of several entire weddings, in storybook albums for you to judge the style and quality of our photography and album design.

How much is overtime?2019-05-08T18:15:06+01:00

You can choose the amount of our time you want to pay for. There are “extras” listed in our Pricing.

How are you dressed?2019-05-08T18:15:31+01:00

We dress smartly whilst allowing for practicality.

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