Winter Wedding at Aldwick Court Farm

Char & Brad at Aldwick Court Farm

For some, the idea of a winter wedding is not appealing. They imagine freezing cold, dark and damp conditions. It certainly doesn’t have to be that way, let me show you.

Char and Brad married at Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard in Bristol on the 16th of December. It was a bright crisp day and the light (us photographers get very excited about the light), was to die for. The sun was low and golden and so so flattering.

The low light  added a golden glow to the couple’s photography session. As usual, we took them away from all the hubub of their guests so they could relax and enjoy the time together. 

Our usual advice to brides to bring a pair of wellies proved invaluable on this day, as although it was dry, the ground was very boggy. Char was game and very brave and managed to get up into the vineyard without complaint. She rocked it. And the resulting set of images were just stunning.

On the way back to the barn we stopped to take advantage of the setting sun.

One of the other big advantages for a winter wedding, is that we get to have fun with some night photography. We love a bit of a wow night shot, and you’ll often see us freezing outside, playing with flashes and lights until we are happy with the outcome. We then go and get our couple so they only have to be outside for a couple of minutes.


On this next shot, it was so nippy, you can see their breath. Now that is the kind of detail that deserves to be printed big. So we have done just that, and had it framed large for our wedding fairs.

Here are a few more images that we loved from the day. It really was gorgeous all round, all the little details and the moments that we captured.

I hope you agree that a winter wedding can be visually stunning, as much as a summer wedding, just different.

That’s what makes us all different, if we all loved the same things, life would be boring, and we would be twiddling our thumbs in the winter wondering what on earth to do with ourselves.

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