Stan the Man & Steve at Walton Park Hotel

The couple at Clevedon Pier

Clevedon Pier

After 4 years of being a couple, Stan the Man and Steve finally tied the knot on Saturday. Stan chose a fabulous purple frock coat, he and Steve wore matching waistcoats, while Steve rocked tails.


The rings, the cake and details
All the details

All the little details had special meaning to the couple. You wouldn’t want to be without your tissues at this wedding.


Getting dressed and the finished product.
Getting Ready

The couple chose to walk down the aisle to Marc Almond’s My hand over your heart. They had taken the time to plan their entrance so the music stopped as they reached the top. However, hiding behind the bushes waiting for the cue felt like an eternity compared to when they practiced it. They were greated with applause as they made their way to the registrar.


Walking down the aisle together
Heading down the aisle hand in hand

Steve and Stan had writted their own vows, which were very moving and meaningful.

Saying their vows, the ring exchange and first kiss
Sealing the deal

The couple collected the petals from memorial roses in their garden for the confetti. There was such a flurry of confetti it was as if those loved ones were raining down their love on them from heaven. Just perfect.

The confetti shot
Special Confetti Moment

After the usual group photos we bundled the newleyweds into our car and headed for Clevedon Pier. The tide was in so there was plenty of activity on the water.

The couple at Clevedon Pier
Clevedon Pier
The couple with Clevedon Pier
Boats in the background
Sail Away with me
On the stairs
On the Steps
Bench overlooking the estuary
A bench with a view

The couple chose a different layout for the breakfast room. They brought a lovely fairy lit backdrop and even had a chandelier removed. When you know what you want you just have to ask for it. The staff at Walton Park Hotel were very obliging.


The wedding breakfast room and wine labels
The room laid out for breakfast

The speeches were a hoot, I’m not going to say too much, but if you ever want to be entertained you need to go on a night out with these two.

The speeches
The speeches

After dinner we went out for some photos in the evening sun. It was such a gorgeous day, they were very lucky.

Silhouette in the setting sun
Sunset photos
When I dragged them into the bushes!

Once the evening guests arrived it was time to cut the cake and have the first dance. Stan and Steve chose Marc Almond’s version of Strangers in the Night.

The first dance
Strangers in the Night

It was a truly wonderful day for wonderful people.

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