Liz & Jon at Kewstoke Church and their farm

Bride and groom with cows

The couple with their girls

Right in the middle of a heatwave is just about the right time to have a Marquee wedding on a farm.

We found Liz bright and early in the lovely Church House B&B next door to Kewstoke Church. Sam from the Hair Salon had already worked her magic and Sarah from Beauty Oasis was in the middle of transforming farmer Liz into a beautiful bride.

Liz’s stunning dress was Yurianna by White One (a branch of Pronovias). Liz had bought her dress from So Gorgeous Bridal in Worle.

Bridal gown, jewelery and flowers
The bride's details

Liz’s gorgeous little flower girl was 5 year old Adelaide who was very excited and eager to carry the bride’s dress. She stole everyone’s hearts.

Bride with flower girl

We had to be extra careful when taking photos of the bride in the garden, as her groom was right next door in the churchyard with his best man and ushers.

Groom's party
Not all farmers wear wellies

Liz walked to the church, escorted by her lovely dad and her fabulous bridesmaids, a girl couldn’t wish to have better ladies with her on the day.

Bridal party en route
Walking to the chapel

The Vicar the Rev, Geoff Eales greated Liz at the door of the church. She was beaming all the way.


Vicar greets Bride at door
Just look at that smile!
Bride and Groom at the altar
Reaching the groom at the top of the aisle

They say the heat plays with your brain, well the poor vicar got names wrong twice which was amusing to say the least. He did have the good grace to poke fun at himself showing what a good sense of humour he has.

Photos of the ceremony
The Ceremony
Signing the register
Signed and Sealed

As the guests piled out into the sunshine after the ceremony, a few of the couple’s friends organised a pitchfork guard of honour for them.

Guard of honour with pitchforks.
Pitchforks at Dawn

We followed the newleyweds tractor to the fields that housed their cows. We were warned that they were very friendly. They were indeed. We captured a great set of images with the cows, even if one did try to pinch Liz’s bum. 

We won’t talk about the shoes……oh go on then. Liz’s shoes were accidently left behind in the field. The cows decided to play football with them, pitching one over the fence into a hedge and the other got a little muddy, but they were still intact. Thankfully Liz saw the funny side.

Bride's veil blowing in breeze
A gust of wind
Bride and groom with cows
The couple with their girls

We also tried to capture the couple with Liz’s horses.

Bride and groom with horses
The Horses

Can you believe this beautiful view is right in their back garden.

Bride and groom under a tree

The couple decorated themselves. All the paper decorations were done by Liz’s sister and maid of honour Roz, she says if she never cuts out another cow shape it will be too soon. The table names were some of their favourite ladies (the cows).

Table decorations and table plan
All the details

The couples two dogs, Rupert the dalmation and Dexter the spaniel got in on the action too. They joined the couple on the top of the hay bale pyramid which Jon made.

The couple with their dogs.
On top of the world

The usual after dinner speeches caused much hillarity.

After dinner speeches
The Speeches

We invited all the guests who were willing and able to climb onto the pyramid. 

All the guests on the hay bales
One of my favourite group shots of all time

One of the groomsmen Mike, has his own Mr Mikey Ice Cream van. As it was so hot, he volunteered his mum to come and serve everyone. It went down very well indeed. Fantastic ice cream, if you see him round, make sure you buy some.

Ice cream van at wedding
Ice Cream Dream

With it being such a glorious day, the evening light was too good to pass up. We persuaded Liz and Jon to come out for a few evening photos.

Couple in a flower meadow
Love in a meadow
Bride and groom in a maize field
In the Maize

So there you have it, epic dress, cows, horses, dogs and ice cream, I’d call that a total success of a wedding.

Leave a comment and tell us your favouite part of the day if you were there, or your favourite photo if you like them.


  1. Maureen Anderson says:

    Your photos are fantastic capturing the essence of a wonderful day.
    I was very impressed with the non-invasive way in which you both went about your job.
    Your friendliness & courtesy added to happy mood of the day .
    Thank you for enabling us to have some special pictures of a very special day ,
    my Grandson’s wedding !

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