Leigh & Rob at Coombe House Holford

Smoke bomb in the woods

We arrived nice and early to Coombe House in Holford where Leigh was getting ready with her mum and bridesmaids. Hannah from  No 1 Independent Beauty was doing the make up, while Leigh’s lovely bridesmaid Kirsty was doing all the hair. It helps to have talented friends when you’re planning a wedding.


bridal prep
Bridal preparations

The weather gods were not playing fair on Saturday, it was forecast to have torrential rain, so in some cases it was lucky that it just rained! The boys were game with the umbrellas. Apparently they had to tell Leigh’s brother to turn up two hours before he was needed, and he surprised everyone by being on time.

groom and guys with umbrellas
Singing in the rain!

Leigh looked stunning with her fab up-do, gorgeous Mori-Lee gown and sparkly headpiece. Her bridesmaids scrubbed up well too.

Bride and maid portraits
The gorgeous girls
Bridal portrait
Those lashes!

Before Leigh’s dad saw her, he was having to compose himself outside the room. Seeing his baby girl as a bride was enough to melt any man.

Dad's first look
Daddy's little girl

It was time for Leigh to make her way down to the waiting car. Happiness lay ahead as the sign said.

bride going down stairs
Walking to happiness

When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. Rain on your wedding day is now ideal, but if you got a shot like this of your maids helping you to the church under an umbrella, I guess you’d be happy. I love this shot.

Here comes the girls

The ceremony was in the little parish church in Holford. It was lovely and meaningful for the couple.

ceremony shots
The ceremony

During the ceremony, the little paige boy Ronnie was having a fantastic time running up and down the aisle with his new partner in crime, Teddy. This moment cracked me up, as he stood staring up at the couple. Thankfully it wasn’t at the part of declaring reasons not to wed!

Little interrupter
"Excuse me"

After the ceremony was over, we brought everyone back inside for group photos. It was freezing outside and blue is not a flattering skin colour!

Bride and groom at the altar
Our lovely couple

The couple left the churchyard to a flurry of confetti. Leigh had spent months collection and drying flower petals for this moment.


Poor Rob had broken his leg just weeks before the wedding and had to have surgery. He was keen to get some great shots and bravely walked up the Coombe with us. We hope you think they are worth the pain Rob?

In the woods

We met up with Leigh and Rob a few weeks before the wedding. Leigh had seen some images with smoke bombs and asked if we could do it for her. We are always game to get experimental, and we had great fun creating some spectacular shots for this lovely couple.

Smoke bomb in the woods
Coloured smoke

The speeches went down well, with plenty of laughter. 


Leigh told us they had organised an ice cream cart for dessert. What I didn’t expect was for them to actually make and freeze the ice cream there and then. Brinkmans were fascinating, they had this system which is derrived from Thai street food. It took time to do, so the queue was long, and the portions were massive, but it was so different and unique, nobody minded.

Ice cream innovation

We are know for our night photography, but we try to mix it up. We had an idea about showering confetti from an umbrella. We tried it earlier on in the day, but it was the wrong kind of confetti. This time it worked it treat.

Night time lovliness

Leigh & Rob had organised sparklers for their guests. It always gives such a lovely effect when they are all lit at the same time. It’s just slightly nerve wracking when everyone holding a lit sparkler has had a bit to drink.


It was time for the first dance. It was Kodaline The One, which Leigh and Rob sang to each other as they danced.

first dance
First dance

There was lots of fun to be had, between the photo booth, the ice cream station, the cheesecake and brownie station and the dancefloor. The band were still setting up but no-one seemed to mind. The hog roast was being prepped outside. Leigh and Rob really know how to pamper their guests. We had such a lovely time with these two. They are so in love and deserve all the happiness. Seeing as they got engaged on our wedding anniversary, they are bound to have a happy marriage, it’s a fact!

Evening shenanigans


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