Katy & Lewis at Priston Mill

Priston Mill in the setting sun

We started the day at Katy and Lewis’ home in Warminster. Katy and her 3 bridesmaids were being pampered, getting their hair and make up done professionally. It was lovely to see another vendor chipping in a helping out like we do, Loz the hairdresser was busy washing the dishes when we arrived. Above and beyond the call of duty.

The preparations

Katy’s lovely mum Trish arrived with Katy’s dress to help her get ready.

Mother and Daughter

I always love reveals, and Katy’s bridesmaids did not disappoint. It gives a bride such a boost of confidence to know everyone thinks she looks incredible.

The big reveal

In the meantime, Roger went on to the Mill to meet Lewis and his guys. I love this shot he took of the guys looking cool.

Men in Black (well, navy, but you get what I mean)

Katy arrived with her dad, driven by Paul from LoveBug Wedding Cars.

Arrival of the Bride

The main event, the wedding ceremony. Thanks to the gorgeous weather, Katy and Lewis were able to get married outdoors in the lovely gazebo outside the Watermill. Bizarrely, instead of leaving the couple in the archway when they stepped inside the gazebo, rotated them so they had their backs to half the congregation and were hidden by a pillar. It was frustrating but we managed to get some decent photographs.

The wedding ceremony

On their way back up the aisle as a newly married couple, Katy and Lewis were showered with confetti.

Confetti explosion

We whisked the couple away for some private time and their couple photography session. The glorious blue skies and rolling landscape made a great backdrop.

The Car
The giggles
I love that row of Cypress trees in the background
I love how the light hits Katy's face
Sweeping her off her feet

We headed back to the Watermill and found this lovely shaded spot.

The happy couple
One of my favourites
We used this one for the signing frame

After the usual family and friend group shots and some mingling in the garden, it was time to head in to dinner. When all the guests were suitably fed and watered, it was time for the speeches. Lewis paid tribute to his lovely mum who brought him up single handedly. He made everyone cry, it was lovely.

The Speeches

On the ground floor of Pristol Mill, there is a glass enclosure where you can see the workings of the watermill. We made use of the reflection to get this unusual shot.

Reflections in a Watermill

I adore tulips, so was very happy to see some were still standing now. It was also nice to use the full expanse of the watermill

Priston Mill in the setting sun

Katy and Lewis chose to cut their wedding cake just before the first dance. They couldn’t resist a taste test. So many couples tell us after the wedding that they never got to try the cake, so I would highly recommend you take this opportunity, only aim for a small bit or you’ll have crumbs everywhere.

Katy lovingly feeds Lewis

It was then time for the first dance. The couple chose “First time ever I saw your face”. I think it was longer than Lewis remembered, so he urged everyone to join them on the dancefloor. 

It was followed by a father daughter dance to “I loved her first” which had many a girl in tears. The party then kicked off.

Dancing the night away

So that folks was Katy and Lewis’ big day at Priston Mill. We hope you enjoyed reading about it and seeing the photographs. Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

As always, a big thank you to Kim and all her staff at Priston for being so easy to work with. 

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