Kate & Paul at the Limpley Stoke Hotel

Couple in a gazebo

Gazebo Love

Kate & Paul had a lovely pre-Christmas wedding on the 23rd of December at Limpley Stoke Hotel. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of their day, as we had previously shot both of Paul’s sister’s weddings, so it was like a big reunion.

Bride, maids and paige boy
The girls (with one little boy)

We arrived in time to see Kate transformed by Cupid’s Bow Hair and Make-up. Some of the little ones were willing to have their picture taken, others not so much, but that’s to be expected, I’m a crazy lady with a big black scary camera after all.

Groom, best woman and usher
The groom squad

Paul was relaxed and greeting guests. He had his Best-woman Jess by his side helping to calm his nerves.

First look

Kate opted for me to help get her dressed so she could have a reveal with her mum and grandma. We also did one with her bridesmaids. Mum and gran had the best reactions a girl could wish for, just look at their faces.

The ceremony room
The ceremony room

The ceremony at Limpley Stoke Hotel was dressed with a beautiful Christmas tree, chair covers and flowers. Michael tinkled the ivories on the piano beautifully.

Going down the stairs
Going down the stairs

It was time to get this lovely pair married. Kate walked down the staircase to be greeted by her bridal party.

Little flower girls going everywhere

One thing that never fails to entertain is little flower girls. You can be guaranteed if there are a few of them, once they enter the room they will scatter to the four corners, or stand rigidly still, anything but walk down the aisle. These little ones didn’t break the mould. You can see parents eagerly trying to coax them to move, but no, they were stuck in the middle of the aisle and were not going anywhere. It was hilarious.

Bride walking down the aisle.
That first look

Kate’s eldest daughter FiFi walked her mum down the aisle to Paul. His face was a picture once he spotted Kate looking so beautiful.

Couple with their son

Kate & Paul’s son Ralphy was eager for cuddles during the ceremony. It’s lovely that registrars allow kids to be kids during this time. Far better for him to have a cuddle then get distressed.

Married finally
At Last!

 And with the blink of an eye they were married, finally. I love the emotion in this photo.

Couple in a gazebo
Gazebo Love

We had a short window before a coach load of hotel guests we due to descend on the front of the hotel, so we whipped Kate and Paul out to the gazebo. Kate was thankful for the cooler air as it was like a sauna inside the ceremony room. It’s always good to have a bit of time to get used to the idea that you’re now husband and wife, and this was perfect.

The happy couple
Happy faces
The signing frame shot
The signing frame shot
confetti umbrella bomb

It was a little bit drizzly so we took shelter indoors. Poor Kate had to climb two flights of stairs in her heels to get up to the stain glass windows.

Stained glass
Stained glass
Bridal party
A mini miracle

The photo above is a feat of grand proportions. Mr Ratty was out in full force with lots of child wrangling involved. We present to you, the full bridal party, with everyone looking (no head swaps needed). It’s a Christmas Miracle!

All the details
All the details

Kate and Paul managed to create a winter wonderland in the reception room. All the little details combined to create a wow effect. The tables were named after Christmas trees.

The speeches
The speeches

The speeches were short and sweet, just perfect.

Rainy night shot
Kissing in the rain

It wouldn’t be a Shutter Bliss winter wedding without a night shot. The rain was a gift to be honest as I love how we can light up the droplets.

The photobooth
The photobooth

The photobooth mirror was hilarious. Kate and her bridesmaid totally rocked the Skrek and Donkey masks.

The First Dance
The First Dance

The DJs booked for Kate and Paul’s wedding are actually a previous couple of ours. We were really looking forward to seeing them. Sadly, Stan the Man was ill and had to send a replacement. 

We left Kate and Paul enjoying the last few hours of their wedding, partying their way into Christmas Eve. We had such a lovely day with this couple and their families. It was a total honour to be part of their day.


  1. Sandi Michelsohn says:

    Outstanding photos as usual, I’m so looking forward to seeing the full album, beautiful memories for a mother to treasure with a tears in her eyes! Thank you Shutter Bliss for another remarkable photo shoot, you guys are amazing!
    Sandi. mother of Paul, Leona & Amarie

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