Gemma & Dave at the Moonraker Hotel

It was February but you wouldn’t know it. The sun shone for this lovely pair.

We had been to the Moonraker once before for a bride’s preparation, but it was our first time shooting a full wedding here.

Gemma and Dave had gone to a lot of trouble to totally personalise their day, and it paid off. So let me show you some images from their day, it might inspire you.

Gemma chose a gorgeous Stella York gown with a lace trim edge. She followed our advise and had options for footwear, the gorgeous dainty shoes to get married in, a funky pair of wellies for going out for the couple shoot, and a quirky pair of unicorn flats for dancing. In fact her bridesmaids followed her lead and all got the unicorn flats to match.

The guests gathered for the wedding and the bubble machine started. It was a cute idea for their little girl Clara, but sadly it left a sticky puddle on the wooden floor, so I wouldn’t advise it unless there is carpet or an outdoor wedding. We have seen it used to great effect at the end of the ceremony.

Dave looked nervous as he waited for his bride, but Gemma was worth the wait, she looked amazing and the look on Dave’s face said it all.

One of my favourite images from the wedding, was this one. I love the way Gemma looks at Dave. Totally in love

After the ceremony, the couple walked out to “When I’m sixty four” and the guests followed into the sunshine. We took group photos in front of the main house so that those in heels or those unsteady on their feet could use the path to stand on. At this time of year the grass can be a bit soft and soggy and we like to look after your guests.

We had a bit of fun with the bridal party. They threw themselves into the photoshoot with gusto. Bravo guys.

I love that you can see the love and affection these girls have for each other

As usual we took the couple off for some private photos. It was their chance to catch their breath and be alone with one another. Yeah, I know we were there too, but we don’t really count.

It’s always fun to have a look at the little details. It’s here that a lot of bride’s get inspiration for their own day. Gemma and Dave had a loose theme around all things geek chic. They had arranged a fun quiz almost in lieu of speeches after dinner. Each table had a separate theme to the centrepieces, and the comic book table plan brought it all together. The cake was a work of art too.

You know we love a good night shot. It’s our turn to get creative. So when the speeches are over, and the dancing is about to start, we can be found out in the cold playing with flashes. When we’re happy we go and get our couple so they only have to be outside for a few minutes. Don’t say we don’t look after you. At least this time I didn’t face plant in the mud in the dark (it has been known).



So that’s it for today. We love to hear your comments, so don’t be shy.

Stay happy,

Ciara x

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