Frankie & Karl at the Aztec Spa Hotel

Wedding Sparklers

Sparkler Fun

By the time Saturday came around, I felt I already knew Frankie really well. She was incredibly organised and would email me regularly with updates on guest lists, photo requests and general information. We walked into the room in the Aztec Spa Hotel, Bristol, where everyone seemed a little emotional. Lauren Jamie was busy on make up and Helen Farley was prepping the girls hair. 


Bridal gown
Frankie's dress

With the room so busy, we knew we’d have to find another spot to hang Frankie’s gorgeous dress. It was a champagne fit and flare by Bonny Bridal which she bought at Grand Jour. Roger went on a little recce and found a back stairwell. 

Bride and her maids
The girls

It’s so important to surround yourself with girls who have your back and cheer you on for your big day. Frankie’s maids were just that. Beckki, her maid of honour did an amazing job at being Frankie’s right hand woman.

Groom and his ushers
The Guys

Karl chose a group of light hearted jokers for his posse. They helped him keep the mood light and had Roger in stitches.

Bride getting ready and first looks
Bridal Prep

The first task was to get all the gorgeous maids into their Cadbury Purple dresses. It’s a good job I’m a speed lacer! They then went to wait in the hallway (don’t worry, there were comfy chairs there), while I helped Frankie’s mum Judy get our bride ready. Frankie looked just stunning in her gown, the champagne colour suited her skin tone down to the ground. 
Once she was dressed, I led the girls in with their eyes closed to reveal Frankie in all her glory. There were tears.
Manuel, Frankie’s dad, welled up when he saw his baby girl. It was such a lovely moment.

Bridal portrait
Bridal Perfecton

Back to the stairwell we went for bridal portraits. The light was just perfect for what I wanted.

Our gorgeous bride with her maids
Our gorgeous bride with her maids

We had just enough time to get some portraits of the girls and some shots of Frankie with each of her lovely friends.

Walking to the ceremony
The Long Walk

The time came for the long walk down to meet the registrars. I want to reassure Karl that Frankie was ready well before time, and it was the Registrars who made her late……just saying. It’s here in black and white so as to diffuse any future arguments (call me a marriage counsellor!)

Bride walking down the aisle
Karl's first glimpse of his bride

Karl’s face when he first caught sight of Frankie walking towards him was a picture. There were a few gasps from the audience.

wedding ceremony
The Ceremony

Frankie’s emotions ranged from happy tears to laughter during the cermony. It was lovely to witness these two become husband and wife.

confetti throw

We were very lucky that it was a mild day. We got everyone outside briefly for group photos and the obligatory confetti shot.

Guys looking like a boyband
The Band!

We would have loved to get the whole bridal party on the stepping stones. However, the thought of girls in heels and water so close by, we decided not to risk being on You’ve been Framed.

The wedding party
The wedding party

Instead, we made them climb a tree. Well, not quite, the poor boys were roped in again while the girls looked pretty!

Our gorgeous couple
The signing frame image

This is one of my favourties from the day. We used this is their signing frame, and thankfully Frankie and Karl loved it.

Under the lampost

You have to be careful with camera angles at the Aztec Spa Hotel. There are office building everywhere. We tried very hard to eliminate them as much as possible.

By the fountain
By the fountain

Disappointingly, most of the area down by the lake was cordoned off with ugly orange fencing. So we had to get creative.

veil fly
Veil floating in the breeze

Time for one more on the way back up to the hotel.

Bride leading groom
Follow Me

The guests were trated to a shot of sourz on the way in to dinner. There was a lovely elderly lady there who thoroughly enjoyed it. Her reaction made my day. 

The Speeches
The Speeches

After dinner, we had speeches. Frankie’s dad kicked them off, followed by the best man, then the maid of honour. Karl went last, said a few words and then handed out the gifts.

Wedding Sparklers
Sparkler Fun

We promised Frankie a sparkler shot and I think we delivered!

More sparklers
More sparklers

Some of the lads were more than happy to get in on the sparkler action.

Dancing the night away

Frankie and Karl’s song is Addicted to you. It’s a club anthem and they felt it wasn’t exactly appropriate for a first dance. They came up with an ingenious solution. Beckki, Frankie’s maid of honour, sang a slowed down version for them. She was incredible and it was such a lovely personal touch. The party kicked off with plenty of dancing. 

It’s time to give you a list of all the important players.

Venue: Aztec Spa Hotel

Chair covers and sashes: Millia Events

Make Up: Lauren Jamie

Hair: Helen Farley

Bride’s gown: Grand Jour

DJ: Gary at


Leave us a comment, let us and our gorgeous couple know what you liked about their day. Do you have a favourite memory or a funny story to share?

The full gallery will be available in a couple of months, after we have delivered to Frankie and Karl. It will appear on our client area page but we will pop a link up on Facebook once we have posted it. So go and like our page so you don’t miss it


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