Becky & Liam at Haselbury Mill

Bride and groom at Haselbury Mill

Making the most of the rain

You would think that luck had deserted you when a storm goes and gatecrashes your wedding. However, Becky and Liam took it all in their stride, and never stopped smiling. 
Haselbury Mill was the venue for Saturday’s wedding and for the appearance of storm Bronagh.

dresses and flowers
Bridal details

I had the great honour of helping Becky choose her wedding gown at So Gorgeous Bridal. She went with Fianna from White One by Pronovias. It’s a beautiful simple and elegant gown that suited her perfectly. We had to use a little persuasion to get mum on board with the idea of her wearing converse, but that was so more her style rather than a wedding shoe.
Becky chose navy for her bridesmaids and a lovely display of tulips from the balloon lady for the bouquets.


Bridal hair

Jordan from Amaze hair in Yeovil did Becky’s make up, while Sarah Louise West and S.L.E. Hair tackled the barnets. They all did a beautiful job.

Bridesmaids first look
Bridesmaids first look

Once we had Becky all dressed, I led the bridesmaids into the room with their eyes closed. I always love the reactions a bride’s friends have when they see their bestie looking amazing. These girls did not disappoint, although little Lilly was a little slower in opening her eyes bless her.

Groom and his men
The boys

The boys were a little bit late in arriving. Liam had a trouser emergency. He believed he didn’t have them, so went on the hunt to buy a new pair. Sadly these were a little on the short side. It’s a pity he hadn’t realised that Becky had packed them for him and they were in the car the whole time. It’s a story to tell the future children that’s for sure. He just made sure to rock the visible odd socks.

Rainy wedding day shots
Her comes the rain

There is something quirky about a load of umbrellas! Guests arrived in the downpour, still smiling, and Becky’s converse proved to be a very good choice.

Walking down the aisle
Walking down the aisle

I love that Liam almost lost it when he clapped eyes on Becky, it was such a special moment.

The ceremony
The ceremony

The 2 maids of honour read “He always leaves the seat up” and one of the ushers did another reading. The couple made special promises to each other after their ring exchange.

Candid of bride

Proof this gorgeous girl did not stop smiling all day.

Group shot

Naturally due to the weather, we weren’t going to bring everyone outside for group photos (that would have been interesting!). So we managed indoors. It’s one of the reasons you hire a professional at the end of the day, so that they can cope with conditions and bad lighting and still get results.

Rain on wedding day
Rain and smiles

We were cruel enough to take the couple out. I mean, we gave them an umbrella, what more could they want!

Taking shelter
Under cover

Ok, so not totally cruel, we let them take shelter in the gazebo. Liam got a little romantic. 

Bride and groom at Haselbury Mill
Making the most of the rain

We used this image for their signing frame.

Quirky bridal footwear
Close up of the footwear

A (mis)Match made in heaven. Converse and odd socks, these two have it sussed.

Black and white of the couple
They could be models

Looks like something from an old Hollywood Movie, right?

The speeches

The speeches were very entertaining with plenty of laughter.

Night shot of the bride and groom
We love a good night shot

Oh my how we love a good night shot. It was chucking it down at this point so we let the couple take shelter in the porch (I’m kind like that), while I got wet. I think it was worth it.

The guests
You've been framed

We had a bit of time while DJ MC Entertainment was setting up, so we pulled out our trusty frame.

Cake cut
The Cake Cut

Becky and Liam cut their cake just before their first dance. The cake had been made by a friend.

The first dance
The first dance

It was then time for the first dance. The couple were joined on the floor by nearly everyone for the second half of the number. It looked set to be a great night.







Make up, Jordan from




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